Show line breakes in Label

To show line breakes in a server side label, you can either use a HTML formatted text or a plain text.

HTML formatted text contains “<br>” tags so while rendring the control .net framework handles the task to show the proper html formatted text into a Label.

lblDescription.Text=”name <br>description”;
The above code will display a line gap between name and description.
But in case if user inputted data using a non-html enabled textbox then it is a point of problem.

While displaying data, inputted by simple multiline textbox, line breaks looses its state and when the data displayed on a  label it looks like a simple constant text line.  Interestingly if you try to show the same data back in a textbox it will look nice with proper line breaks. But we can’t use textbox every where because of designing requirements.

To keep the line breaks you must convert the html new line special indicator to HTML break “<br>” tag.

lblDescription.Text = txtInput.Text.ToString().Replace(Environment.NewLine, “<br />”);

The above code replaces the “NewLine” indications to “<br>” at run time, and displays the data same as input formatting.

For demo source code visit


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