Operator + cannot be applied to operands of type string and method group, C# error


This error comes up when you tries to append two strings with the “+” sign. As the + sign in C# is a arithmetical operator so you cannot use this too append two string type values. To use “+” the values or variables must be if numeric type.

As C# uses doesn’t supports implicit typecasting, for string concatenation use “&” sign.

string varTest = “”;
string str1 = “abc”;
int str2=21;

varTest = str1 + str2;

The above stqatmet will cause in error stating “Operator + cannot be applied to operands of type string and method group“. Because we are trying to add a string variable in a numeric variable.

To remove the error you must convert all the numeric (integer) datatype or variables to string.

varTest = str1 & str2.ToString();

The output of the above code will be abc21

We must convert all values to a uniform datatype before storing them into a variable.


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6 responses to “Operator + cannot be applied to operands of type string and method group, C# error

  • Nick

    Also, the ony time I’ve ever seen that error is when you try to use the plus operator with a value and a method (ie, you forgot to use parens). Example:

    int y = 5 + SomeClassInstance.SomeMethod;

    That will raise an the error you show. The line should read:

    int y = 5 + SomeClassInstance.SomeMethod(); // Notice the parens at the end.

  • MR

    I think you also can get this if you inadvertently try to iterate through an IEnumerable with a for loop.

  • pradeep kodley

    i got this error..Operator ‘>=’ cannot be applied to operands of type ‘method group’ and ‘int’

    when i use –
    if(Convert.ToInt32(lblScore.Text).ToString >= 30)

    why is so..and how would i rectify…give proper solution plz

    • dotnetcoderoom

      Modify your code as below:

      if(Convert.ToInt32(lblScore.Text) >= 30)

      The error is coming because you are trying to compare a string value with an integer value.
      So I removed the ToString method from your code.

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  • pallavi

    public string generateAccountNum()
    const int MaxNumbers = 13;
    Random r = new Random();
    System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    int size = MaxNumbers;
    String legalNumber = “0123456789”;
    for (int i = 0; i < size; i++)
    sb.Append(legalNumber.Substring(r.Next(0,legalNumber-1)+ 1, 1));
    return sb.ToString ();

    hi am getting error like this
    sb.Append(legalNumber.Substring(r.Next(0,legalNumber-1)+ 1, 1));
    operator '-' cannot be applied to operands of type string and int
    help me for this error

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