Disable the right click on a web page

Some website has right-click disabled so that user cant copy paste using mouse, or cant save images contained into webpage.

Copy paste this code

<body oncontextmenu=”return false;”>
Html page content here

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2 responses to “Disable the right click on a web page

  • tesi

    if I use oncontextmenu=”return false” I get an error, such as ‘oncontextmenu doesn’t exist and the rightclick stil works 😦 (browser FF, Opera)

  • dotnetcoderoom

    Hey tesi,
    thanks for your comment. Try the code below

    <body oncontextmenu="return false">
    This code works in IE (6,7), and FF (2.0,3.0).
    I tested this in morning and it works fine.
    Please try to copy paste this code and create a html file, if it still desn’t works than leave a comment.


    Ajay Sharma (Blog Author)
    MCP (.NET)
    EE – Guru

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